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McMaster English Language Development Office


Are you a McMaster student having trouble with the English Language?
Are you an Academic Advisor or Faculty member with students who could benefit from English-language help?

The McMaster Office for the Development of English Language Learners (MODEL) is a free service designed to help both undergraduate and graduate students who may be struggling with the English Language.

MODEL offers English-language training, workshops, and support, developed by certified ESL and EAP experts, to meet the needs of McMaster students of all academic backgrounds and levels of English language proficiency.

MODEL also has an on-site student advisor with experience in both ESL and counselling who is available to meet with students to discuss personal, social, and academic concerns.

Our Services

Our primary method of service delivery is through our workshops which have been developed by ESL/EAP certified instructors. Working in a classroom setting, our trained facilitators lead small groups of 4-12 students through 50 minute lessons/work periods. Some of these workshops are stand-alone; others build on each other to increase depth of learning.

Our workshops will cover the following 4 essential elements of language:

  • Writing

    includes workshops focused on academic integrity, paraphrasing & quoting, punctuation & sentence structure, revising & editing, and more

  • Speaking

    includes clinics with a focus on pronunciation, as well as both workshops and peer-to-peer networking events with a focus on conversational speech

  • Reading

    includes workshops on reading efficiently, comprehending different materials, taking notes, and studying

  • Listening

    includes workshops on listening to lectures and other kinds of presentations while taking notes

In addition, we will also be running Workshops with a focus on acculturation and academic skills, helping ESL students feel comfortable with new cultural and social scenarios, including:

  • Interacting with students, professors and TAs
  • Understanding assignments, studying, and taking tests
  • Adjusting to Canadian culture and dealing with culture/language-induced stress and anxiety

As ESL experts, we know that working one-on-one with students is often necessary to help address individual student needs and make progress, particularly with writing. In addition to our Workshops, we will also provide opportunities for students to meet one-on-one with our ESL/EAP specialists for a 45-minute appointment to get specific help with their work.

Students can also sign up for ESL Student Advising Appointments using the appointment request form below. Our MODEL Student Advisor has experience in both ESL teaching and counselling, and is available to discuss personal, social, or academic issues.

If a student requires some direction in order to determine their specific needs and a plan of action, MODEL is able to provide an individual language assessment.

In our offices, a licensed diagnostic test will be administered by one of our ESL specialists with advanced experience in language diagnostics. The test will take a maximum of two hours and can be broken down into modules to fit students’ schedules. Our specialist will then work with students to understand the results and recommend a learning plan that is best suited to their individual needs.

All diagnostic tests are provided in partnership with University of Cambridge English Language Assessment.

Cambridge Assessment English

The NEW MODEL Certificate of Attendance celebrates a student’s commitment to strengthening their language and communication skills. As a student completes each level of attendance, they can request a digital certificate in recognition of their additional learning, outside of the classroom.

Attendance is based on the total hours of participation in the MODEL services.

  • Model-20 Certificate of Attendance recognizes a minimum of 20 hours
  • Model-40 Certificate of Attendance recognizes 40 hours (or more)
  • Model-60 Certificate of Attendance recognizes 60 hours (or more)

Request an Appointment, Make a Referral, or Register Now

There are three ways to begin making use of MODEL’s services: request an appointment to have a one-on-one consultation with one of our ESL Specialists, make a referral on behalf of a student who needs English-language support, or register now if you already know what workshops you would like to take.

Student Appointment Request Appointment Request

Looking for individualized language and/or cultural support? Make an appointment to meet with a MODEL Language Specialist or Advisor

Faculty or Staff Referral Referral Form

If you are a Faculty member, Academic Advisor or other University Staff looking to refer a student, please complete the form below

Student Sign-up on OSCARplus OSCARPlus

Already know what workshops you would like to take? Sign-up directly on OSCARplus

Certificate of Attendance Certificate Request

Would you like to be recognized for the MODEL hours you have completed? Please submit a request by clicking the button below.

Have questions? Contact Us

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us or visit MODEL on the fourth floor of LR Wilson Hall

LR Wilson Hall, Fourth Floor
905.525.9140 ext. 23718
LR Wilson Hall, Room 4047
McMaster University